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New x737 high resolution liveries

Incredibly clear paints for the Boeing 737NG

More than 240 liveries are available for our award-winning x737project aircraft simulation! Now we have an increasing number of wonderful HD liveries contributed by pour painters, Besides the Disney livery which was done by Vaeceslav Slutu (he made the HD paintkit) we now have TUIfly, Air Berlin and myAustrian liveries in mindblowing detail. Download the x737project version 4.9.3 aircraft from the Aircraft section of our website and add as many liveries from our stock as you like. For the convenience we have listed high resolution liveries in a separate link list. Thanks to Lukas Denhoff and Andreas Preinsberger for their beautiful artwork!

For the aircraft simulation we are providing a convenient optimized base package (approx. 78MB each), bringing the complete aircraft with one default paint and a BBJ2 livery, and you can enhance your 737-800 aircraft by downloading your favorite free liveries out of more than 200 Boeing 737-800 and BBJ2 liveries.
Thank you for choosing the free x737project aircraft for your simulator experience, and all users can be sure that we will continue to make the x737 the best airliner for X-Plane!
The most recent version is 4.9.3, all files provided for download are up to date. Do not extract files from the download. The basic manuals are now included in the download. Get the base and the liveries you like, it's free as always. All liveries are also compatible with version 4.8.2 for X-Plane 970. Please note that x737 for X-Plane 9 is frozen in version 4.8.2 because the new flight model and performance can not be applied to X-Plane 9. Report bugs to the x737project team and to Laminar Research.

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