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Liveries for Boeing 737-800 and BBJ2

Download more than 130 paints from all over the world

15. May 2012 There are more than 130 liveries available for the x737project Boeing 737-800 and BBJ2 aircraft. Several sophisticated painters from all over the world painted this artwork to let you enjoy your favorite airline. For your convenience we have uploaded the liveries as single .zip files. Get your choice of fine liveries for the 737project aircraft! Follow the links below to see and download the livery sets. Please make sure that you download and install the x737 base pack at first, and read the instructions to learn how to install the liveries!

How to install the liveries

A quick guide

15. May 2012 To get your favorite airline ready for takeoff please do the following steps:

1. Download
Download the livery of your choice from the links below.

2. Unzip
Unzip the archive is not already done by your system.

3. Install
Inside the extracted folder you find a text file 'credits.txt'. Please read this! Furthermore, you find a directory (folder) with the livery name as directory name. Please drag this (inner) folder into the directory 'Liveries' inside the x737project aircraft folder - that's it!

Latest additions

See which liveries are new in the x737 stock

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