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Boeing 737NG aircraft for X-Plane

Plugin-enhanced freeware for X-Plane 7, 8 and 9

Welcome to the wonderful world of Boeing 737NG aircraft for X-Plane. On this site you will find a variety of Boeing 737-800,737-700 and BBJ aircraft with an unparalleled plugin-enhanced cockpit, autopilot and a sophisticated simulation of many NG systems, like a complete bus transfer system, full ground power & APU simulation, full featured fuel systems and much more. Use these aircraft together with other X-Plane extensions, like Checklister, SimplePushback, XPCoPilot LoB, XPGoodWay and XPushBack, and for perfect realism you will need Javier Cortes' x737FMC.


All aircraft and scenery found on this website is completely free of charge. This does however not mean that you can use parts of the downloads for your own project - please respect the copyright of the authors. Whenever you want to publish a resource that contains any part of one of our projects, please contact the team for more information. Distribution of any part of our resources is strictly prohibited without permission of the authors.


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