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x737project v4.9.3 for Mac, Windows and Linux

Boeing 737-800 and BBJ2 for all platforms on X-Plane 10.20

For all simulator pilots looking for perfect reality and growing reliability we are presenting the next version of our award-winning free x737project Boeing 737-800 and BBJ2 simulation for X-Plane 10. The x737project aircraft is available for three platforms (Mac OS X, Windows and Linux) and two bitnesses (32 and 64bit). As always we have worked on a number of reported bugs and enhancements to make the x737project aircraft even better. The new version has again further improvements in all autopilot modes and an a dramatically improved flightmodel for X-Plane 10. Exterior lighting brings all lights to the x737project aircraft: Retractable and fixed landing lights, wing and wheel well light, runway turnoff lights and more, all operated by realistic two or three-state switches. Engine performance and climb and descent rates match the real plane better. Our version 10 aircraft supports 32 and 64bit systems on all platforms. More than 1000 custom data refs and lots of custom commands allow hardware cockpit builders to connect their hardware to the x737project aircraft. Another highlight is the number of 200 free liveries that you can choose from for our x737project aircraft! Thanks to very creative painters from all over the world.
Download the x737project version 4.9.3 aircraft from the Aircraft section of our website. We are providing a convenient optimized base package (approx. 80MB) for X-Plane 10.31 versions, bringing the complete aircraft with one default paint and a BBJ2 livery, and you can enhance your 737-800 aircraft by downloading your favorite free liveries out of more than 200 Boeing 737-800 and BBJ2 liveries.
Thank you for choosing the free x737project aircraft for your simulator experience, and all users can be sure that we will continue to make the x737 the best airliner for X-Plane!
The most recent version is 4.9.3, all files provided for download are up to date. Do not extract files from the download. The basic manuals are now included in the download. Get the base and the liveries you like!
, it's free as always. Report bugs to the x737project team and to Laminar Research. Please respect copyright!

Modification, fixes and new features

  • No more crashes using the overhead switches with Windows
  • Panel draws fine on multi-monitor setups
  • Improved a/p and athr performance and stability
  • panel scrolling no longer delayed in certain panel regions
  • adjusted light positions
  • fire bell operative in X-Plane 10.31
  • pressurization fixed

    Fixes in 492
  • flap handle fixed
  • Waypoint handling with XFMC and default FMC fixed
  • fixed cabin lighting

    New in 491
  • Fixed a number of bugs, (see list of known and fixed bugs).

    New in 490
  • Dramatically improved flightmodel and performance
  • New exterior flap model for flap 30
  • Significant improvements on all autopilot modes
  • Improved interior and exterior sounds
  • Stability improvements
  • New liveries
  • Bugfixes

Check our buglisting tool for a detailed survey of fixed issues over the versions.


More than 200 liveries overall. Please read the credits inside the downloads - respect copyright!
Many thanks to all livery painters!

Cool new stuff

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  • Javier Cortes provides a new x737FMC compatible with x737 v4.9.2
  • Very convenient: Kyle Sanders' online checklist for x737 - give it a try!

Download the x737project aircraft (v 4.9.3) for X-Plane 10.31+, all platforms 32/64bit


Download the x737project (version 4.8.2) aircraft for X-Plane 970

x737 project Free aircraft & scenery for X-Plane Flight Simulator
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