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Third-party contribution

11. May 2011 Thanks to Fausto Meloni and Lorenzo Daini for contributing two more CSL for online flyers.They havepainted LoreAir and Ryanair for the use with the EADT x737-800 aircraft. The package includes the Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzflieger CSL paint made by rundeck. Get the CSL for free here! Stand by for more CSL paints here!

x737 CSL for Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzflieger

Add-on for the EDDH event

27. February 2009 Here is a CSL for those who want to fly-in EDDH on March 6th, celebrating the Hapag-Lloyd 737-800 'Albert Ballin' aircraft. Get the original aircraft from our 'Aircraft' section. Many thanks to rundeck for building this CSL!
Download the CSL from our webserver here.
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