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The KLN 90B is a popular GPS device mainly found in general aviation aircraft and small commuters. It dates back to the early 90s, but it's still widely used today.


Features of the KLN 90B are:

-Split screen, showing two different pages at once

-Moving map

-Up to 26 flightplans can be stored with 30 waypoints each

-SID, STAR and non-precision approaches

-Enroute and OBS mode

-Direct To

-Distance, Time, Fuel, Wind, VNAV and many more calculations

-Trip planning and flight calculator


The EADT KLN 90B closely simulates all features of the real KLN 90B. It can easily be installed to any aircraft.

The navdata is updatable by Navigraph.

nav1.jpg nav2nav3.jpg
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