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GAP scenery of Greek airports

Courtesy to GAP and Spiros Tsirkas

2. June 2008 Here you find a number of links to scenery files of Greek airport areas, converted by Spiros Tsikas with the friendly permission of the greekairportproject.
Many thanks to Spiros for his effort to the X-Plane community. Enjoy!

Samos airport (LGSM)

Samos airport scenery by GAP

20. September 2008 Samos airport, converted from the greekairportproject by Spiros Tsirkas. Get Samos airport here.

Limnos airport (LGLM)

Limnos airport scenery by GAP

2. June 2008 Limnos airport, converted from the greekairportproject by Spiros Tsirkas. Get Limnos airport here.

Aegean small airports

GAP conversion by Spiros Tsirkas

2. June 2008 This package contains 7 small airports on Aegean Islands:
LGIK Ikaria, LGPA Paros , LGNX Naxos , LGML Milos, LGLE Leros, LGKY Kalymnos , LGPL Astypalaia. BR Explore your sense flying with a GA over these wonderful islands. For more information regarding these airports visit, www.hcaa-eleng.gr/greekair.htm
Many thanks to Spiros Tsirkas for his his conversion, and many thanks to the greekairportsproject for their friendly permission. Get the scenery files from this link .

Rodos Diagoras airport (LGRP)

2. June 2008 Live your myth in one of Greece most popular destination: Rhodes - the island of the knights.
Frame rate friendly - ultra detailed scenery for LGRP airport (Rhodes - Diagoras), converted from the GAP airport by Spiros Tsirkas.
Many thanks to Greek Airport Project team for giving the permission to publish this one for all X-Plane users. Get Rodos Diagoras airport here.
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